Welcome, my Darlings

Hello and welcome to my crazy, random, and probably confusing blog. It will seem to be all over the place but I promise it really isn’t! Anyway, I hope you enjoy you’re adventure through my crazy mind!

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About Me

1Salut! A majority of people call me Haley, which makes sense because it’s my name. I have a lot to say and not a clue how to begin. Sadly, that is also a constant in how my life goes. I have a ton of ideas but I have no idea of how to get them into action. Writing this about me, is one of those times. I want to say a lot but I don’t know exactly how to say it. I’m extremely random and slightly over the top at time. I have passion about a lot of things and love the idea of never really fitting in to societal norms. I want to apologize in advanced that this blog really will seem all over the place because honestly, it will be all over the place.  I will be very open about my opinions and how I feel about things. This is also a safe place for anyone to be themselves, geek out, ask questions, and more. Never be afraid to contact me.

I love you all! ❤

Enjoy your visit, Darlings!

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Contact me as you wish, just please do not contact with an intention of being mean.

Thank you ❤